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Воздушная съемка поля урожая

Application Guide

NOVAPEAT ® can be used for all types of crops

Forestry and wood cultivation
Production of agricultural products
Floriculture and household management
Soil restoration

Soil types

Due to the unique function of restoring the fertile layer, our fertilizer is used as a reducing agent for the following types of soils:

  • depleted soils

  • eroded soils, with a disturbed structure

  • soils on which chemical plant protection products and mineral fertilizers have been used for a long time

  • desert and arid soils

  • saline soils

  • sandy and sandy loam soils, with a minimum content of organic nutrients

Капустная ферма

Stages of application

Our fertilizer can be used at any stage of plant development. Young roots, leaves, and growing seedlings respond more to the use of humic substances, since young tissues have more active mechanisms of nutrient transfer.

1.Seed treatment
Soaking seeds before planting together with a mordant (herbicide)
Working solution: 400 ml of NOVAPEAT fertilizer +10 liters of water per 1000 kg of seeds

2.Treatment during the growing season (spraying)
1st processing – tillering phase – the beginning of the exit into the tube;
The working solution should be prepared at the rate of 2-3 liters of NOVAPEAT fertilizer per 1 ha

3.Root tillage during the growing season
2-fold processing:
1st processing – tillering phase;
The 2nd treatment is the earing phase.
The consumption of the drug "NOVAPEAT" per 1 ha is 15 liters of fertilizer.
Preparation of the working solution: the recommended amount of the drug is diluted in the irrigation norm (determined by the climatic conditions of the region and the technical features of irrigation systems.)

NOVAPEAT ® Application Guide

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