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Сельское поле

About Product


Universal organic fertilizer based on humic acids. It has a beneficial effect on the development of a powerful root system in agricultural crops and activates the soil microflora. Improves the absorption of nutrients by plants. It helps to restore and preserve soil fertility.Increases productivity and accelerates germination.

Advantages of NOVAPEAT ® fertilizer

a water-soluble organic plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner based on active humic acid (potassium/sodium humate)

bioactive growth stimulator and organic soil conditioner, especially effective for sandy and heavy clay soils

has a stimulating effect on plant growth, root development, and also increases and stimulates the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms

can be combined with other fertilizers and pesticides after trial mixing



Advantages of NOVAPEAT fertilizer

  • The patented technology allows you to preserve all the useful substances, trace elements and organic matter of peat – the main raw material
  • The high concentration of nutrients, trace elements and NPK allows you to reduce the application rate
  • Reduces to a minimum the use of mineral fertilizers
  • Can be used as an independent fertilizer, completely excluding the use of other types
  • It allows you to adapt the composition of the fertilizer to different types of soils and agricultural crops
  • It has an increased moisturizing effect, which helps to increase the wettability of the soil, increase its moisture capacity, reduces the need for watering up to 30%-40%
  • The use of NOVAPEAT ® in any form is absolutely safe for human health
  • Contains humus concentrate, which allows to restore and form a fertile soil layer

NOVAPEAT ® Presentation


Production Facilities

We have modern production facilities that allow us to produce up to 200 tons of finished product per day on one line. This provides our customers with reliable supplies and ensures that they can fully rely on our fertilizers in their agricultural activities.

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